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Add a Generator to Your Home or Business

A power outage can be a big problem if you own a home or business in Southeastern, WI.CK Electric installs and sells generators for home and business owners in Wisconsin. Generator installation is critical because your family could find themselves without power in the middle of winter, or your business may be losing inventory by the minute if the power goes out. Our professional electricians offer home generator installation and sales so you can rest easy knowing that you have a backup if and when the power goes out. Our highly-trained electricians can quickly and effectively install a generator to ensure that when a power outage happens, you won’t be left in the dark. Learn more and get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

Generator Installation Services in Southeastern, WI

Why You Need a Generator

You might think that a generator is not necessary for your home or business, as many people did before they found out why it would have been such a valuable asset. While some power outages only last for a brief moment, others can stretch out for days or even weeks. Being without electricity means you can’t operate your refrigerator, freezer, stove, and lights. Your business may quickly lose inventory and, at the very least, won’t be operational while the power is out. Southeastern, WI can get dangerously cold without heat during the winter. Standby generator installation can keep your home or business safe, and you’ll be able to continue to enjoy power while others cannot. A power generator can ensure your HVAC system is running, preserve food, and allow you to prepare meals.

Our Generator Installation Process

Backup generator installation is a service that will benefit you in the long run. Think of a generator as an insurance policy. While you hope you never have to use it, it will prove very valuable when that time comes. Generator installation requires professional training and experience. CK Electric’s skilled electricians install generators for residential and commercial properties. Our team will acquire any necessary permits and ensure everything is in accordance with local code. We then set up your fuel source to supply your backup generator, whether it runs off natural gas, diesel, or propane. Our electricians will install an automatic transfer switch so your generator will kick on immediately when there is a power outage at your home or business. We verify your installation site is within the parameters of local requirements before we run the fuel line, conduit, and wiring. We will also confirm that your new generator works properly by simulating a power outage to test the system’s responsiveness.

The Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator

There are many reasons why having a backup generator for your home or business is a smart idea. You don’t want to be without heat during the winter or air conditioning in the summer. Your fridge and freezer can only maintain their temperatures for so long without power, and you don’t want your food spoiling and going to waste. Now that many people are working from home, losing power could cost them money and productivity. Home generator service gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a backup plan if the power goes out.

Why Hiring a Licensed Contractor Matters

Dealing with electricity is a dangerous job, and you need a trained and licensed electrician to install or service your generator. Our team will install your backup generator quicker and safer than a DIY job. Our team is licensed and insured. Improper generator installation can cause damage to your home and electrical system. Paying for professional installation is worth your safety and peace of mind.

Schedule Generator Installation Today

We understand how important a steady supply of electricity is to your home or business, and we’ll help you find the right generator at a price that works for you. Contact us today to discuss installing a generator.

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