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Fire, Water, & Storm Damage Repairs Around Southeastern Wisconsin

The forces of nature can be volatile and destructive to your home, including the electrical system. CK Electric LLC provides services for homeowners throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, with fire, water, and storm damage repairs. Call us when lightning blows a circuit, water shorts and ruins your wiring, or an electrical fire has ravaged your home’s electrical system. Our highly-trained electricians have spent the last 15 years performing electrical repairs for minorly and severely damaged wiring, outlets, panels, and more. You can count on our experienced team to get your home running safely and effectively again.

Fire, Water, & Storm Damage Repairs in Southeastern, WI

Useful Information about Electrical Fires

An electrical fire can happen as the result of malfunctioning power outlets, improper wiring, or overloading sockets, extension cords, and other electrical circuits. They’re highly dangerous, partly because trying to extinguish them with water or foam doesn’t work and can actually worsen the situation. Most electrical fires occur in the family room or a bedroom. The good news is they’re pretty avoidable by taking precautions.

You should regularly inspect your electronics and appliances for worn out parts or frayed wires and be sure to replace these components. Always keep flammable material at least three feet away from electrical components or connections. Wiring should be correctly configured to avoid extension cords and power strips from overloading. Get your lighting switches checked by a professional if lights flicker or the switch is hot to the touch. Every so often, your smoke alarms need to be inspected and remember to change the batteries every six months.

In the Event of a Fire, Storm, or Tornado

If an electrical fire does occur, do not use water to try to extinguish it. Water conducts electricity, and it can make the situation a lot worse and put you at risk of serious injury. Shut off the main breakers at the source to cut the flow of electricity. Call the fire department in the case of an electrical fire at home, and then call CK Electric LLC to carry out any electrical restoration needs. Storms and tornadoes produce dangerous winds, lightning, and torrential rain and hail that can wreak havoc on your home and its electrical system. In the case of a volatile storm or tornado, seek shelter in the basement or a central room on the lowest floor with no windows, and bring a battery-powered radio or TV and light source with you. When it’s over and the damage has been done, contact us anytime for prompt and reliable electrical repairs and restoration.

We can Upgrade Electrical Services anywhere in your building!