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Emergency Electrical Services for Southeastern Wisconsin-Area Homes

In an electrical emergency, it’s time to take action and call CK Electric LLC. No need to panic! We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to promptly handle your electrical emergencies. If you have a power outage, or your home displays symptoms of electrical issues, bring in our team of technicians to safely and effectively identify the problem and repair it. CK Electric LLC has spent the last 15 years handling emergency electrical services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about your home’s safety.

electrician working outside

Signs of an Electrical Emergency

Noticing signs of electrical problems can utilize multiple senses. Small or seemingly unrelated issues could indicate larger issues. Some common symptoms to make a note of that lead to electrical emergencies include:

  • Power Outage – While having a power outage is definitely an inconvenience, it might also indicate a more large-scale electrical issue.
  • Arcing Wires – If you come across arcing wires, they are potentially high-voltage, and you should avoid them and immediately call a professional like us to handle them.
  • Burning Smells – With the wiring behind the walls, you might not be able to see if there’s a problem, but you could smell it. Burning inside the home puts your household in jeopardy. If you detect a burning smell, trust your nose and call us to resolve it.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection – Whatever the cause, carbon monoxide detection is very serious and shouldn’t be dismissed or taken for granted. Call us immediately to handle the issue professionally.

Call CK Electric LLC for Emergencies 24/7

If you experience an electrical fire, it can be due to malfunctioning power outlets, improper wiring, or even extension cords and sockets overloading electrical circuits. By taking proper precautions, you can greatly reduce the risk of an electrical fire. Check out our Fire, Water, and Storm Damage page to learn more. In the case of an emergency, the fully licensed electrical technicians at CK Electric LLC are available anytime and any day. We provide prompt repair services and approach any problem as a chance to illuminate customers with new possibilities for their home’s electrical system. For quick response to an electrical emergency, call us today.

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