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Service Electric Panel Replacement and Upgrades

You depend on your electrical setup to keep you comfortable, productive and entertained. And at the heart of your electrical system is your electric panel. CK Electric has the tools and skills to install and repair electric panels. Whether you’re looking to update an older home or are remodeling from the ground up, CK Electric is at your service to provide the thorough, dependable electrical work you’re looking for. We can evaluate your electric panel to determine whether an upgrade is in order and outfit your home or business with a panel that will best serve your property’s needs. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and meticulous approach to all we do, and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

electrician working on an outdoor service panel

Electrical Services for Homes Around Southeastern Wisconsin

Your home is your castle, and you want to invest in the long-term when it comes to construction and updates. Your lighting and electrical needs are a part of that sentiment, so CK Electric LLC makes sure our work is worth the time and money you spend. If you have a new home that needs wiring or it’s time to replace and upgrade the lighting inside and outside your home around Southeastern Wisconsin, our electrical services are the best choice. CK Electric delivers prompt and high-quality lighting and wiring at a reasonable cost that will provide upfront.

Our electrical specialists do more than just update the lighting in your home. CK Electric LLC works with you to help choose the most beautiful lighting and fixtures that complement and enhance your living space. If you have old wiring, that can be hazardous to your home’s welfare. Well-modernize the lighting system and ensure that it meets the most recent standards in wiring, so your space is both safe and attractive. If a full rewiring is necessary, our trained technicians will take care of your whole house from top to bottom. Instead of hiring multiple contractors for an upgrade, we’ve got it all covered from planning out the new system to completing the wiring upgrade. Keeping your home safe and up-to-date is a priority to ensure your home’s value and welfare. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Recessed Lighting, new or upgrades to LED
  2. Upgrade existing lights to LED for energy savings
  3. Quiet Bathroom Fan Installation, replacement, or retrofit.
  4. Outlet, light switches, dimmers, GFI, and re-wiring and repair
  5. Smoke Detector Upgrades (Hard wired smoke detectors have 7-year life span)
  6. Exterior light and electric power upgrades to detached garages and sheds
  7. Post lights and outside lighting
  8. Upgrades for Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools

We can Upgrade Electrical Services anywhere in your building!